When Gerrin Tramis was five years old he sat at his great grandmother's coffee table in their northern Floridian home and became absolutely fascinated with drawing comic books and animating characters. He would grow up with that fascination steadily building, until the day he graduated from high school on the outskirts of Seattle and decided he wanted to be an artist for the rest of his life. 


Gerrin received his degree in Computer Animation from DigiPen - Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington and upon graduating immediately began working for Handheld Games, a game studio that specialized in family friendly entertainment, where Gerrin contributed as a 2-D animator and script writer for Nintendo DS games and other gaming consoles. Not long after he was published by Arcana Comics, going on to work as an artist and creator on multiple intellectual properties for the Canadian-based studio.


In 2008, Gerrin became extremely fascinated with script writing, attending the Film School in Seattle, Washington and completing their intensive screenwriting program. After leaving Handheld Games and relocating to Los Angeles, Gerrin began work as a freelance concept artist and illustrator, lending his skills to a number of book covers, comics, films, and other illustrative works. In 2015 Gerrin returned to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to his friends and family, eager to start a new artistic chapter, one that will keep feeding the passion spawned at that little brown coffee table so many years ago.